Alarm Monitoring


When an alarm goes off, the next important event to happen if this in itself has not deterred an intruder, is for someone to respond to it. This maybe a neighbour in the case of a Domestic alarm installation or passerby. This may not always be a reliable response solution. A monitored alarm system always gets a response!

A monitored alarm system will always get a response. The moment an alarm is triggered, an alert is sent to the monitoring company and immediate action starts to discover the cause and then tackle the situation in the most appropriate way.

The Police do not treat ringing bells or sirens as a high priority due to high false alarm rates resulting in wasted Police resources. However, if your alarm is monitored and all other forms of response have been tried, if the alarm is in good condition and well maintained, then the likelihood of a police response is much higher.

Once an alarm is triggered, the monitoring company have a set response plan.

1. The first response to a triggered alarm or personal attack alarm is to telephone you at the location.

2. If you respond and give the correct password and confirm a false alarm, then the system is reset.

3. If there is no response or the phone is answered by someone who gives the wrong password – the control centre will try to contact your alternative numbers, your key holders or your friends and family. Ultimately, the control centre will contact the police.

Some of the Monitoring and service options that are available to you are as follows:

• Personal attack buttons connected to the control centre.

• Other named key holders known by the control centre.

• Contact via your mobile or another number ( at home or at work for instance)

• A silent option: no alarm sound but a call to the command centre.

• Monitoring of a series of other sensors including smoke detectors, CCTV etc.

With a WES monitored system, there will never be a time when an alarm is triggered but nobody does anything about it.

Our monitoring service is supported by Custodian, the UK and Europe’s leading monitoring company