Fire Alarm Systems

Fire & smoke detection and alarm systems are of paramount importance in the workplace or business property and is often overlooked or underestimated.

 • Wistonia Electrical & Security offer a range of products and services to meet the needs of your business or workplace.

 • We can also repair, service, upgrade or maintain existing fire & smoke detection and alarm systems.

  • We can offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for all new installations and existing systems ( Subject to an initial survey )  

2 Wire Economy Fire Alarm Equipment

A two-wire fire alarm system is based on conventional system technology and is often the choice for smaller applications or where budget constraints apply. These systems are great solutions for meeting safety and security requirements whilst maintaining a lower cost.

Two wire systems work by allowing detectors, call points and alarm devices for each zone to be wired on the same set of two-core zone cables back to the control panel. This enables it to use a single circuit per zone without the need for a separate sounder circuit zone. This will furthermore reduce installation costs and time.

Addressable Fire Alarm Equipment

Addressable fire alarms give you an easy, reliable way to locate the position of any fires or hazards in your building. Linked into a central control panel, or multiple panels, an addressable system will report back to you on where any alarm has been triggered. The control panels can also provide you with a means to trigger fire extinguishing equipment, or to reset alarms that have been improperly triggered. Addressable systems are a must in large buildings and locations that require granular feedback and control. 

We carry a full range of addressable detectorscontrol panels, and fire alarms that are compatible with addressable alarm systems, from premium brands that we’ve chosen for their proven reliability.

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Our Fire Alarm System supplier is Acorn Fire Security