PAT (Portable Appliance Testing)

Portable Appliance Testing (commonly known as PAT or PAT Testing) is a process in which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety.

When people work with electrical appliances, Health and Safety regulations state that the appliances must be safe to prevent harm to workers.

Many types of equipment require testing at regular intervals to ensure continuous safety, the interval depending on the type of appliance and the environment it is used in. Generally, we advise that PAT testing be carried out annually.

Further details on PAT testing and Portable Appliance Testing information can be found on this PAT Testing Directory and our company listing can be found here.

Please click on this link for  HSE Guidance on electrical safety.

Wistonia Electrical & Security can carry out a comprehensive PAT test on any portable appliances as required. The check will include a full visual inspection initially to reveal any potential dangers such as frayed cables etc and on successful completion of this, will continue to the full electrical test using the PAT testing equipment. This determines if the device is electrically safe to use.

A full report and certification are produced for your files showing the results of the individual tests.

All tested items are labelled with the electrical safety pass sticker showing the date of the test and the date of the next test due. Failed items will be removed from use and any necessary action or advice given to the customer.   

We feel we can offer the most competitive price and best quality PAT service.

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