Hand Dryers

WES now supply, install, service and maintain Hand dryers from a large range of models to suit individual needs.

Hand dryers are popular in the industry for their economies when compared to the paper towel hand drying method alternative. In comparison to paper towels, hand dryers require very little maintenance and there is no monitoring, refill, storage and disposal requirements that the hand towel method needs.

This also makes the Hand Dryer solution better for the environment as paper towels cannot be recycled.

Classic Range

The classic range consists of some of the most recognisable hand dryers on the market. These are ideal for public washrooms or any situation where a long-lasting and durable dryer is required.

  • Available in white or polished stainless steel finish.
  • Vandal-resistant- ideal for public areas, schools, pubs and clubs etc.
  • Manual or Automatic ‘ no-touch’ option.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.

Hand Dryer

Airforce – Low Energy Range

Hand Dryer with a patented technology that results in a really fast dry time but using a very low power output.

These units are available in brushed chrome, black or polished chrome finishes.

  • Up to 80% less energy consumption than conventional hand dryers.
  • 55% more efficient than other leading low energy hand dryers.
  • 98% cheaper than other hand drying methods.
  • Incorporates SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection to reduce the spread of bacteria.
  • Automatic ‘ no-touch’ operation.

SMARTdri Low Energy Dryer

SMARTdri is the latest development from World Dryer and offers the best energy efficiency on the market. Its new style motor enables it to operate efficiently while retaining very low energy consumption. Its patent-pending technology ensures a dry time of around 10-15 seconds!

  • Uses up to 83% less energy than traditional hand dryers.
  • Uses up to 73% less energy than some other low energy hand dryers.
  • Suitable for the highest usage areas.
  • SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection.
  • Available in white, black and brushed chrome finishes.

All the Hand Dryers we supply and install are renowned as the highest quality hand dryers in the world and are noted for their reliability, longevity and durability.
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For more information on the full range of Hand Dryers available and specifications please visit our supplier’s website at  www.warnerhoward.co.uk.